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Happy New Year everybody!


Great news! Sofia is now a senior in High School and she applied at 4 colleges here in Washington and got accepted at all four, including the prestigious University of Washington! Congratulations Sofia. She picked Western Washington University in Bellingham as her school of choice and will move to Bellingham in September.

Jan and Huyen visited family in The Netherlands in April. It was a successful visit.

Congratulations Sofia on graduating from High School with a 3.997 GPA!

Sofia passed her driver's license test and is now independent!

Jan and Sofia visited family in The Netherlands in early September. Just before our departure, we heard that my mom fell and broke her hip. So sad. We visited her in the hospital as soon as we arrived.

After our return from Asia at the end of December, we were welcomed by a snow storm and deep freeze here in Seattle.


Still not much happening. Found a "second cousin once removed" through 23andme. We may be related through my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side. Fun. We're all vaccinated now but still careful. Traveling inside the USA for now but would like to book international travel for 2022!

Sofia finished her Junior year in High School with straight A's, again! The last 2 months were hybrid (2 mornings at school, the rest virtual). Hopefully, things will be back to normal once her Senior year starts. Sofia will be visiting various colleges this summer.

Huyen started a new renovation project: convert the garage of one of her rentals to a studio, possibly to use with AirBnB.

Finally finished building the retaining walls for our steeply sloped backyard, next to our beautiful deck:

We did our first international trip in 2 years, visiting Cartagena, Columbia. It actually was a good experience.

Jan's mom turned 90 years old.


Sofia started her Senior High School year with in-person teaching. So far so good.


Currently isolated at home! Three trips already cancelled, not fun. Sofia is doing school remotely now which works for her. Jan restarted his electronics hobby, now working on improving a Tektronix 468 oscilloscope. Huyen restarted her Medical Exam studies. Sofia started her Junior year in September and keeps getting straight A's; we're very proud of her.


Sofia is now a freshman at Bothell High School, doing an AP class (Human Geography) and several Math and Science classes.

Jan and Huyen are travelling almost every month this year: Bali, Puerto Rico, Lisbon, Netherlands, Istanbul and Nice, just the first half of the year.

Jan and Sofia visited the family in The Netherlands again during the summer.

In September started her Sophomore year at Bothell High, again doing advanced classes like College in High school Math. She is having almost straight A's


Sofia went back to school on January 2rd after a well deserved vacation. She had straight As again on her report card in the Highly Capable Children program.

Jan and Huyen went on a memorable trip to Hong Kong and Dubai in January.

Sofia had her 14th birthday in January, congratulations Sofia! She had a fun birthday party at the "Escape Room" in Seattle:


Huyen accepted a position as project lead for a Public Health research project and had to fly twice to Vietnam, early February and early March, to meet her team.

Huyen, Sofia and Jan did a Mexican Cruise during Sofia's mid-winter break from school:

Jan went to Italy to visit his second cousin for the first time. We share the same great-grandfather:

Sofia earned another belt at her Jiu-Jitsu school:

Sofia did several plays at school again this year:

Sofia finished her Middle School at Canyon Park Middle School with straight A's, again. Congratulations Sofia on a job well done! We're all very proud of you.

This summer Sofia acted as a Junior Leader in Training at the Evergreen School again. Sofia and Jan visited our family in The Netherlands, we all attended a great party in Portland at our friends Dave and Jeanne. Then, Sofia and Jan went two days camping in the Cascades where there were too many bugs!

After too much travel (trips to Spain, Maui, Japan, The Netherlands and Argentina in 4 months), Huyen and Jan will be staying home for 6 weeks.

End of summer already! Sofia will start attending Bothell High School in September 2018.


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