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Sofia took ski lessons on 4 Fridays (January and February) as part of a school program. Her dad did all the driving and went skiing himself twice.

Sofia and her dad traveled to Legoland in California on Amtrak, then flew to New York City during the Winter Break vacation

Jan visited the Kingdom of Bahrain in March

Sofia celebrated her 10th birthday with a kids birthday party at Elevated Sportz in March

Jan went skiing twice with his friend Peter M. Both times the weather was good.

Sofia went to see her friend and old neighbor Jojo in Phoenix during the Spring Break vacation.

Sofia is doing a science project in April called "Power Planting".

Sofia finished her 4th grade school year with excellent grades and will be going to Evergreen Academy 5th grade next school year. I am very proud of her.

On June 14 we departed to The Netherlands for our annual 8 week leave. After a few days rest we left for Spain to visit Sofia's Opa in Playa Albir. Her Oma went with us too. Sofia did 3 weeklong overnight camps: a horse riding camp, Humanitas kinderkamp and a sailing camp. Since we had our own place to stay this year, we invited our friends from Belgium (Wouter, Yarne and Maike) to stay with us for a few days. We all had a great time on the beach!

On August 10 we left The Netherlands and returned to Seattle. Sofia went to see her mother for 3 weeks while Jan flew back to Europe where he visited Central Europe: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

On September 2, Sofia started the new school year at Evergreen Academy in 5th grade. Her new teacher is Mr. Miles.

Halloween! Sofia did lots of activities like pumpkin carving at school, a visit to the "Field of Screams" farm in Snohomish, a Halloween piano recital (she composed a tune herself which sounds scary) and of course trick or treat.

Jan drove to Utah to see his friend James for some skiing. On the way back to Seatttle, they made a stop at Sun Valley ID for some more skiing. We celebrated James' birthday in Seattle before he took off for Whistler for even more skiing!

Sofia and Jan celebrated Sinterklaas and Christmas together and had a lot of fun. Sofia also did the Iowa test for the North Shore Highly Capable Children program. She passed that test, incl. a 98% for math! Sofia got a First Honors Award for the first trimester at school. Way to go Sofia!


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