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Fall 2006

Miss Stephanie's Daycare, September

In mid-September I started daycare at Miss Stephanie's house. I go Monday and Thursday mornings. The first day Mommy and Papa both came with me, then Mommy left for work, and then Papa left, too. I didn't like it, and I cried a lot. But Miss Stephanie is very nice to me, and by my third day, instead of crying when Mommy left, I cried when Papa came to take me home!

Miss Stephanie has two children. Ava is 3 and Teddy is 1 1/2. I really like playing with Ava. On Thursdays, another girl named Madison is also there. We play with lots of different toys in the playroom, read books, sing songs, dress up in costumes, and help make breakfast and lunch. Miss Stephanie is a vegetarian; since Ava and Teddy eat their fruits and vegetables, I've been willing to try some, too. I don't always like it, but I'm not so resistant to at least taking a bite.

Now I like daycare days, and when Papa picks me up at 1:00 to go home and take my nap, I don't cry, but I don't want to leave, either. I want to stay and play!

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Jolien Arrives, October

On October 13th, my cousin Jolien [right] arrived from Holland. Her papa, Om Peter, came, too. I remembered them from our cruise, and I was glad to see them. Om Peter, who made me laugh with funny faces and funny voices, stayed for only a week, and then he went back home, but Jolien is staying for much longer. 

At first I was afraid that she came so that Mommy and Papa could leave, but now I know that they’re not going anywhere, so I’m okay. Plus, Jolien is really nice to me. She reads and speaks Dutch to me, and she plays with me—dolls and wrestling and “I’m going to get you” and “pull the rope.” At 6:30 in the evening, when Mommy and Papa are really tired and don’t want to run around the kitchen island, Jolien still has lots of energy left. I’m really glad she’s here!

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 Pumpkin Farm, October

On October 27th, Mommy, Papa, Jolien, and I went to the South 47 Farm to look at the pumpkins. There were so many—big, little, different shapes, different colors. I liked running from one end of the field to the other straight through the middle of them all.  I also chose a pumpkin for Papa to carve for me.  It was too heavy for me to carry [left], so I rode in the pumpkin wagon. Even more fun was sitting in the cab of a rusty, abandoned John Deere tractor, steering the wheel and pushing the levers. It had tires as tall as Mommy  [below], and I was high above the ground, high above Papa’s head!  

Then we spent a half-hour walking on twisted paths through corn maze in a wide cornfield. A large flock of blackbirds was eating the corn, and when we approached they all took off into the sky together and flew around our heads. The sky was almost black with them. I’m glad Mommy and Papa could answer all the maze clues correctly so that we could find our way out!

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Halloween Party, October

On October 29th Mommy, Papa, Jolien, Grandma, and I went to a Halloween party at a house in our neighborhood. I wore my kitten costume [right], and Jolien and Mommy dressed up, too. There were lots of fun things to do: I played Spooky Miniature Golf on their lawn by driving golf balls into carved pumpkins, decorated a cucumber car and raced it on a track, mixed ground cookie “dirt” and candy “bugs” into chocolate pudding, pounded golf-tee nails into a pumpkin head, searched for toys in a hay pile [below], and pressed cookie cutters into slimy Gack.  


Even better, a nice lady painted a spider web and a cat on the backs of my hands, and I bounced around in a giant jumping room inflated in their driveway. They served pb&j sandwiches cut like ghosts, but I didn’t eat mine; instead, I ate a lunch of potato chips, Dorritos, grapes, a miniature cupcake, and a brownie slice. Good food!

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Halloween Night, October

I was excited to go trick-or-treating. After dinner, Mommy got me dressed in my costume and painted my face [below right]. Then we all put on winter coats because it was cold outside! I carried my pink and black fabric candy bag that says “Sofia” and an orange flashlight [below left]. At the first house we visited, Mommy had to tell me what to do. And the second house had rubber bugs all over the front porch, which were almost more interesting than candy. But after that, I finally understood the True Meaning of Halloween: candy, candy, candy! You didn’t have to tell me to say, “Trick or treat!” (although sometimes I forgot to say “thank you” and “happy Halloween”).  

When we got to Joseph’s house, he and his parents joined us, and Joseph and I rang the doorbells together. He dressed as a Dalmatian. All our parents, plus Jolien, followed the two of us around with cameras like we were movie stars. When my kitty bag got too full, we had to pour the candy into a larger bag. Papa wanted to carry it, but I wouldn’t hear of it. Even though the bag dragged on the ground, it was my candy to carry!  

When we’d visited all the houses with porch lights on, it was really hard to go inside again. I was having too much fun. Now I have to wait a whole ‘nother year to do it again!  (And, hey, where did all my candy go?!)

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Thanksgiving, November

On Thanksgiving day, Mommy spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and I spent a lot of time playing with Jolien. Grandma Joanie came over at lunch time, and right before we ate dinner, my friend Joseph and his parents came, too. We all sat in the dining room, where we hardly ever eat, and Joseph said grace while we all held hands.

Mommy kept telling me that we were going to have "a big meal."  On my plate she put turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, pumpkin bread, cranberry salad, and bananas in sour cream. However, the only things I was willing to try were the pumpkin bread and the marshmallows from the cranberry salad. And of course I liked the chocolate ice cream cake for dessert.

For me, it turned out that Thanksgiving wasn't really about a "big meal." Instead, it was about being with all my family.


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Snow! November

On Sunday, November 26th, while I was napping, snow began to fall. When I woke up, Mommy dressed me in lots of clothes, and we all went outside. I was really excited because it was the first time I'd ever played in the snow! We marched and stomped, made snowballs, and even built a snowman. Even though it was dark and cold, I didn't want to go inside.

On Monday night, a lot more snow fell, and on Tuesday morning, Mommy (who stayed home from work) and Jolien took me out to play. I bundled up really warmly, even though the sky was clear and the sun was shining, and we walked to Joseph's house. There we joined his neighbors in sliding down their driveway [left]. It was really fun, and I wanted to do it again and again. I learned to make snow angels, and I also found out that snow tastes really good; I couldn't stop eating it. After we all went inside, Miss Trudy made us hot chocolate with whipped cream. 

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