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July 2006

July 4th

On the Fourth of July, I saw my first parade! 

Mommy, Papa, Cameron, and I went to Main Street in Bothell. I wore my red, white, and blue, and we brought flags and pinwheels to wave. On the way to our watching spot, Mommy bought me some special sunglasses [left]. 

First we saw the kiddie parade. Lots of children had decorated their bicycles and wagonsand even their petswith streamers and crpe paper and signs, and when they rode by, some of them threw candy at us. Mommy and Cameron caught some for me, and I got to eat the lollipops and soft candy, while Cameron got to eat the "choking hazards." 

Then, while Papa escaped to a nearby tavern to watch a World Cup soccer game, we watched the main parade. Cameron held me in his arms and on his shoulders so I could see everything. My favorite parts were the clowns and fire engines; their horns were noisy, but they didn't scare me.


After dinner, Mommy took me to Cameron's dad's house, and I saw my first fireworks!

Cameron's brother, Brennan, loaned me his fireman's hat so I would be safe [right]. Cameron lit fountains, spinners, and small rockets in his cul-de-sac. At first they scared me, but then I liked them. My favorites were the ones that shot up into the sky and exploded into pretty lights or released parachutes to float down. Just as I was ready to go home for bed (my bedtime is 8:00), it started to rain. 

Just like last year, I slept like a log through the noisy neighborhood fireworks show. I wonder when I'll get to stay up and watch them?

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Oregon Coast Camping

July 23rd through 28th, I went camping with Mommy, Papa, and Cameron in the Chateau op Wielen on the Oregon coast. 

The first day we drove to Fort Stevens State Park, which has a lake, an ocean beach, an old fort, and lots of biking and hiking trails. 

We spent our first full day at Coffenbury Lake. The water was cold, so we didn't swim too long, but I liked jumping off the short dock to Cameron or Papa (Mommy was taking photos) and paddling around in my special swim vest. After a picnic lunch we played in the nearby hot sand dunes to warm up. Cameron let me bury him in the sand, but he's so big that all I could cover were his legs. 

The next  day we drove the RV to nearby Seaside. We walked to the Carousel Mall, and Mommy and I rode the carousel together. I sat on a beautiful blue seahorse [right]. 



Next we walked to the beach, and I got to take my shoes off and splash in the ocean. Cameron was supposed to help me stay dry, but we both got our pants wet.

Then we went to the Seaside Aquarium, which was very fun. It has a family of harbor seals in a large tank, and people can buy small baskets of fish to throw them. The seals were very noisy, and each one has its own special way of demanding food. Cameron and I got wet again! Inside the aquarium was a big room with lots of windows full of fish. But best of all was the petting tank. After a lot of coaxing, I was brave enough to touch a seastar [left]. It was bumpy and cold and wet. In the gift shop, Mommy bought me a special souvenir, a toy harbor seal that we named Anemone. I can say that word, "anemone."

As we walked back to the RV (okay, I didn't walk; I was strolled), Papa bought us all ice cream to eat. I had mixed sherbet in a cup. Everything we did that day was fun, but I think I might have liked the ice cream the best!  

Each night, we ate dinner in the RV (my favorites were spaghetti and chili) and then took walks and explored the park. Other people stayed in tents, and some stayed in RVs much bigger than ours. We even saw some animals in the park, including a deer, a raccoon, and a skunk. I always went to bed at 8:00.


On our third full day we went to the beach [right]. Even though it was part of the park, we drove the RV there because it was too far to walk. In the morning, Papa and Cameron flew kites. It was really windy, and the wind broke one of the kites and crashed the other. When the sun finally came out at 1:00, Cameron and I played in the water (which was very cold) and on the tall sand dunes. I went down for my nap at 2:00 while listening to the ocean waves.

The next day we started for home. We stopped at the Shooting Star Lavender Farm in Clatskanie, Oregon, for lunch. We walked around the lavender farm, and Mom took lots of pictures of Cameron and me. I liked the pretty purple flowers, but there were lots of bees in them.

We spent the night at Seaquest State Park in Washington. The tall trees were so thick that the sun couldn't even peek through, but there was a really nice play area with swings and climbing bars. Mom, Cameron, and I hiked through the woods (okay, I didn't hike; I was strolled) to the Mount St. Helens visitor center. The best part of the visitor center was pressing lots of buttons and watching things move and make noises. 

On the last day, we drove home. Cameron sat next to me and read me books and colored with me. I liked camping, especially the beach. I hope we get to go again soon. 

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Bye-bye Crib!

The day after we got home from our camping trip, July 29th, I became two and a half. Papa decided it was time for my crib to go, so he and Mommy brought up the toddler bed that had been in the basement since Christmas. 

The bed is about 5 inches off the floor and uses the mattress from my crib. There's a bed rail so I don't fall out, and a small pillow for my head [left].

That first night, after Mommy gave me a bath, fed me my milk, read me some stories, sang me Twinkle Twinkle, and tucked me in with my blankie, binkies, hugs and kisses, I climbed out of the bed and walked around my room. I'd never been able to do that before, and it was fun! Then Papa came and discovered me at my door. He put me back under my covers, and my new bed felt so good that I slept through the night. 

I like my "big girl bed" very much!

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