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August-September 2004

Sitting Up

My seventh and eighth months were all about sitting up. I can now sit as long as I like without falling over. It's a whole new perspective on toys!  I can bend over and reach for them, put them in my mouth, shake them, bang them, drop them, andbest of allfling them away. 

Sitting up also means that I don't have to lay down in the bath anymore. Sitting in my bath [below right], I can happily splash the water, suck on my washcloths, and play with bath toys.  Baths are much more fun now.

Finally, sitting up means that I can sit in a high chair. Mine is still a little big for me, so Mom put a phonebook under me, and it fits better. By the end of August I had eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, barley cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, peas, apples, pears, peaches, and bananas. I'm not a very picky eater; I basically like anything they give me. And now that I've figured out how to swallow this solid stuff, I'm a quick eater, too. (Also very messy [below left]). 

When I'm not sitting up, I'm rolling toward objects I want or wriggling and squirming my way around the floor. (That is, I can move sideways, but not forwards and backwards.) Next skill: crawling!


Bananas: lekker!

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Baby Parts/Baby Onderdelen

Toes (piggies)/teentjes. Watching the 2004 Summer Olympic gymnasts this month with Mommy has inspired me to try my own form of gymnastics: I can easily pull my legs all the way up to my chest (or bend over while sitting up) and put my toes in my mouth!  

Score: They're a perfect 10!

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Eyes/ogen. My eyes are now hazel.  People say they are very expressive, and strangers often stop Mommy and Papa to comment on them. The world is so full of many wonderful things to see, discover, and watch!

Cheeks/wangen.  My cheeks seem to attract lots and lots and lots of kisses.

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Hands/handen. My hands are always busy: touching, grasping, squeezing, caressing, hitting, holding, and simply wiggling. Even while I drink my bottle, my hands are still busily pinching my toes, pulling on Mom's clothes, or poking my ears. I sometimes chew on my thumb, but for sucking I prefer two or three middle fingers, especially for soothing myself to sleep. 

Arms and legs/armen en benen. Since the doctor says I'm in the 50th percentile for weight, I can't possibly be too chunky, yet Papa calls me "Chubby Checkers" because of all the creases, folds, and dimples in my arms and elbows, legs and knees. I like the Dutch word for it: nestvet ("nest fat"). 

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Mouth/mond. Everything goes into my mouth to explore; what better way to research taste, shape, texture, temperature, and solidity? Because I cut my bottom front teeth this month, chewing was also very comforting (and drooling was constant). 

I love to make noise. I like screeching and singing and generally exploring my vocal potential. I also hold long conversations by babbling expressively, and my parents have heard both "ma-ma-ma" and "a-da-da-da," although not in relation to them.

In the course of my oral experimentation, I have discovered several different ways to make very wet, messy raspberries (especially satisfying when I have food or milk in my mouth), and I have found that I can suck on my tongue to make a clicking noise. 

Isn't a mouth a wonderful thing?  

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