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June-July 2004

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

One of my favorite things to do now is to look in mirrors.  I like to look at myself, and I'm fascinated by everything else there, toolike Dad and Cameron. 

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Father's Day

Papa didn't want to do anything special for Father's Day (June 20th), even though it was the first one in his whole, entire life. I gave him a card, and Mom and I made him a nice breakfast and dinner. Mostly, though, he spent the day just hanging out with me [below].

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Summer Hats

I think Mom must have been hat-deprived as a child: she sure likes to put them on me! I'm no dummy, though. I've figured out that I can just reach up, grab hold, and whip any hat right off [below left]. They're very good to chew on!


"Hey, that's not a hat; that's my bath towel!"


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Family Camping Trip

From June 27th to July 3rd, Mom, Papa, Cameron, and I went on a week-long camping trip down the Oregon Coast in the Chateau op Wielen.  We stayed overnight at three Oregon state parks: Fort Stevens, near Astoria, Cape Lookout, near Tillamook, and Beverly Beach, south of Depoe Bay. 

It was a trip of many firsts: 

bulletmy first long-distance car trip (I slept while we drove, but not especially long; Mom and Cameron worked hard to keep me entertained when I was awake) 
bulletmy first sleep overnight anywhere but home (I slept well in my play-yard/bassinette, but having only one big room caused some logistical challenges when I was ready for bed but no one else was)
bulletmy first camping experience (hey, I'm a babyeverything is new and fun) 
bulletmy first time on a beach (it was usually windy, so Mom and Papa had to work hard to keep the sun and sand out of my eyes) 
bulletmy first view and feel of the Pacific Ocean (it's big and cold). 


Above: Wearing my jammies in my camp chair, I'm all ready to roast weenies and make s'mores. 

Right: My first walk on the beach and view of the ocean (Cape Lookout).

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Fourth of July


My first July Fourth was uneventful. 

Cameron played his trumpet in the Bothell parade, and Mom went to cheer him on the sidelines. But I didn't go. The problem was that I'm too interested in the world these days to nap very well, so Mom and Papa are trying very hard to give me enough sleep time.  So I stayed home with Papa, instead. 

In fact, the biggest event of my day was dressing up in my red, white, and blue "special delivery" outfit and posing for the camera [left].

Later in the evening Mom and Papa could see and hear neighborhood fireworks all around the house, as well as very large blasts from the San Michelle Winery. But I slept peacefully through it all (probably 'cause I didn't nap enough during the day and really needed my sleep).


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Six Months Old

On July 29th, I turned six months old. At my six-month doctor visit, I measured 16 lbs, 4 oz. (50th percentile) at a height of 27 1/4 inches (95th percentile). I am physically healthy and developmentally right on schedule.  I received four immunization shots again, and maybe it was the infant Tylenol they gave me that helped me sleep 11 1/2 hours that night.


The day I turned 6 months, I also began sitting alone for minutes at a time! Now I can play with toys from a whole new angle. However, note that an object only qualifies as a toy if it can somehow go into my mouth. If I can't chew on it, it's not a toy in my book, and I quickly inform everyone that it's inadequate.

Mostly, I'd call July "The Month of Rolling Over." I can roll from front to back, but that doesn't interest me. I want to be on my stomach, and if you place me on my back, I'll wriggle my limbs and work to get back on my tummy like an overturned bug [right].

I don't have words yet, but I'm constantly vocalizing and have become much more expressive with tone and pitch. In addition, I'm practicing to be an opera diva by "singing" the highest notes that are humanly possible to reach.

I usually sleep 9 to 10 hours a night. I normally don't protest anymore when put down to sleep, but I'm still not a good daytime napper. I often wake up after only 1/2 hour, which doesn't give me OR my parents much rest. 

I still haven't had any formula (an achievement Mom is proud of), but this past month I did eat rice cereal, oatmeal, and banana. The doctor says it's time to try more new flavors.

Finally, Mom went back to work July 6th. She leaves the house at 8:30 and gets back at 3:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays; Wednesdays she works at home; Fridays she begins her weekend; and so far Papa has taken me to visit her office once each week. While Mom is gone, Papa and I have a good time running errands, playing with computers, and generally hanging out. His bottle feeding technique is first-rate. Not that I don't miss Mom, but I think she's suffering the absence a lot more than I am.

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