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Spring 2005

First Word, March

On March 6th, for the very first time, Mommy understood a word I said: "uh-oh" (which sometimes sounds like "ah-ooh," "ah-oh," or "eh-ho"). It happened when I was in the bathtub. I kept dropping a rubber ducky over the side, and every time it dropped, I said my word. It was so exciting when Mommy finally understood me!

I've since found "uh-oh" to be a very useful interjection. It seems that when I'm around, things are constantly falling onto the floor. (I like to throw them, too.) 

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First Sign, March

On March 15th, I used my hands to sign in American Sign Language (ASL) for the very first time.  The sign I used was "more." Mommy asked me whether I wanted more toast, and then she pointed to the toast and waited. She waited so long that I began to think that she'd never give it to me, so I made the sign in return! Then she started screaming and cheering and clapping... and then she gave me more toast! 

When Mommy, Papa, and Cameron do the sign, they cup both hands so that the fingers are all bunched together, then turn their hands toward each other and bump the tips of their fingers together. I can't quite do all that yet, so I pat the back of one hand with the fingers of my other hand [right]. 

I had another signing breakthrough on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day). I was on the floor and really cranky because Papa got me down from the high chair too soon and just wouldn't understand that I was still hungry. So I tried making the sign for "more," and eventually Papa understood me! He put me in my high chair, gave me some Cheerios, and then called Mommy at work right away. That night, we all went out to Red Robin to celebrate!

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Easter, March

We celebrated Easter (March 27th) for two days. On Saturday, the Cascade Ridge neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt (Mommy helped organize it). It was raining and I had to wear my rainjacket, but I didn't care. Trudy painted my face like a bunny, I entered a coloring contest by scribbling on paper, I ate cookies and lemonade, and Cameron held my hand [left] and helped me find lots of colored plastic eggs in the grass (but they wouldn't let me eat the chocolate Kisses inside). 


On Sunday morning, Cameron and I found Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had left us. Cameron's basket had lots of chocolate candy in it, which looked tempting, but I was happy with the flop-earred bunny, noisy yellow chick, woolly lamb bookmark, and Easter board book in my basket [left]. Later, after I'd changed into my Easter dress and bonnet [above], Grandma joined us for Easter lunch.

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Koninginnedag, April

The Oranjeschool hosted a Koninginnedag party on April 30th. (Koninginnedag celebrates the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands.) There were treats to eat, music, and games to play. I was dressed all in orange [left]. 

April 30th is also Mommy and Papa's wedding anniversary, and that night Cameron stayed with me for 2 hours (his first time babysitting) while they went to dinner. Cameron is a good babysitter; he fed me dinner and played with me, and I had a great time. Before I knew it, Mommy and Paper were home again!

Hip, hip, hurrah!

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Fifteen Months; Many More Words, May

I saw the doctor on May 4th. He said I weighed 22 lbs 13 oz (50th percentile) and was 31 3/4 inches tall (85th percentile). That means I grew 1 1/2 inches and gained 1 pound in three months! I had to have three shots, but I only cried for 1 minute. 

When I became 15 months I was able to say uh-oh and bye-bye ("bah-bah") and sign for milk, more, and book. By the end of May I had added the English words baby, cookie, nose ("no-oo") mouth ("owf"), eye, banana ("nana"), peek-a-boo ("ah-boo"), fishy, kitty, out/down ("dow"), ball, car, clock ("tick-tock"), cheese, apple, and binky. I was also making the animal sounds moo, baa, foof-foof (dog), quack-quack, and cocka-doodle-doo ("tck-a-doo"), and I was making the ASL signs for flower, diaper change, all done, bath, and tree. I can also say, "Oh, no!"

I like to sing "La, la, la, la" along with the Kindermusik Welcome Song (we sing it every week in my class) and "Ee-ay-ee-ay-o" to Old MacDonald

I discovered that if I point at things Mommy and Papa will tell me the words for them. I'm giving my index finger a good workout!

Everything piques my curiosity!

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