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Winter 2005

Birthday Celebration, January

My first birthday was Saturday, January 29th. For a 1-year-old, I had a very busy day. 

First, I opened gifts that Oma Betty and Tante Lianne brought from Holland. Then after breakfast, Papa and I took Oma and Tante Lianne on our normal Saturday morning trip to the Oranjeschool. They sang "Happy Birthday" to me there. After lunch I opened presents from Mommy and Papa, so I spent the afternoon and evening playing with a room full of new toys. 

My first birthday dinner consisted of buttered toast and Gerber baby food (the adults ate something else). Then they brought out a carrot cake with one candle on it, and they all sang "Happy Birthday" and "Lang Zal Zij Leven." The cake was yummy! 


The bigger party was Sunday afternoon, when family and friends came over to celebrate my first year of existence (and also Mama and Papa's successful survival of it). 

Mommy and Cameron decorated the family room and kitchen with crêpe paper, balloons, and little yellow teddy bears to match the plates and napkins. The guests ate submarine sandwiches, fruit, and potato chips. Mommy brought the chocolate cake to the table [below], and everyone sang both "Happy Birthday" and "Lang Zal Zij Leven."  Then I had my first ever taste of chocolate cake!  It was lekker! [right]but it's possible that the vanilla ice cream was even tastier. 


Party guests included Oma Betty and Tante Lianne all the way from Holland, Grandma Joanie, Grandpa Paul and Bonnie, Rob Scheibe, Marko Frank, Miss Trudy, and my baby buddies Liam and Joseph. Of course, Mommy, Papa, and Cameron were there, too.

After the food, I opened still more gifts [right]. There are too many to listeveryone was sooo nice to mebut a few of my favorites include the Bee Bop Band from Mommy and Papa (with a drum that holds a tambourine, maracas, xylophone, and bells); a fuzzy magenta coat and pillbox hat from Grandma Joanie (I'll look just like Jackie O); a sundress covered in ladybugs from Grandpa Paul and Bonnie; a Dutch children's music CD from cousin Maaike; a Nijntje music box from Tante Monique and a Nijntje puzzle from Tante Annemiek;  Nijntje books from Liam Frank; a baby doll with its very own binky from Tante Lianne; a Baby Einstein DVD from Joseph; and a wood clown that dances on a stick from Oma Betty.

I think I'm going to like birthdays!

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One-Year Check-up, January

I had my 1-year doctor appointment on February 2nd. Dr. Johnson let me chew on his tongue depressor, and he said I was healthy and on track. I weighed in at 21 pounds 12 ounces (70th percentile), exactly 15 pounds heavier than my birth weight. And I was 30 1/4 inches tall (85th percentile). 

I didn't mind being weighed, measured, and examined, but then the nurse arrived to give me my vaccinations. I received three: one for MMR (measles/mumps/rubella), one for chickenpox, and a second flu shot for the season. The nurse was very quick, so I didn't know what happened right away, but finally I realized that it hurt... Then I screamed as loudly as I could to let the children in all the other exam rooms know that there was baby torture going on! 


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First Steps, February

On President's Day, February 21st, I finally figured out how to walk by myself!  First, I stood up without holding onto anything, and then I took five steps toward the family room toy shelves.  Mommy and Cameron were right there, and they were laughing and cheering and clapping.  Papa was in the next room, but I managed to walk a few more steps within the hour so that he could see, too. 

Exactly one month later, on March 21st, I finally figured out to put more than a few steps together, and I became a true toddler. Now I walk almost everywhere.  (Crawling is so passé!)

Okay, Trouble, here I come! 



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